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The A Level course provides you with a comprehensive journey through the systems that control and manage living organisms. This includes: Biological molecules and their universal nature; Cells as the building blocks of life; Exchange of substances between organisms and the environment; DNA, genetic information and variation; Energy transfers in and between organisms; How organisms respond to changes in both the internal and external environments; Genetics, evolution and the formation of new species.

Possible Careers

Biologist, Forensic Scientist, Neuroscientist, Microbiologist, Optometrist, Ecologist, Radiographer, Pathologist, Biotechnologist, Doctor/GP/Surgeon, Nurse/Midwife, Marine Biologist, Researcher, Teacher/Lecturer, Zoologist, Dentist.


Our students say:

"Biology is the gateway to understanding living organisms, it’s about us and the world around us – what could be more important? I know universities view an A-level in science in high regard."

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