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Did you know that regular reading has been proven to: reduce stress and anxiety; improve your vocabulary and comprehension; empower you to empathise with people; help you sleep better; fight symptoms of depression; improve your memory; enhance your imagination?


We have collected together a range of resources to help you participate in our Dare to Read challenges.  Start with Bronze and move up to Platinum! Click on the Award to open a Word document containing challenges and links to resources.  Save the document, fill it in and email it back to us at so we can award you with your certificate.

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Staff reading from their favourite books


Authors reading from their books

Using DreamBox Reading Plus to support our students


Our students use Reading Plus, an adaptive online reading programme that helps them to develop the essential fluency skills for proficient and confident reading. 

It's an exciting journey to enhance literacy skills and foster a love for reading among our students. Packed with various engaging texts, Reading Plus offers tailored challenges to cater to students' diverse reading abilities. The programme is used in school and can also be accessed from home via various devices (laptop, computer, tablet).


How does Reading Plus work? 

After completing an initial assessment, Reading Plus places each student at their correct reading level on the programme. Students can then select texts of different genres and types (fiction, non-fiction, informational) suited to their reading ability. After reading a text, students are asked ten comprehension questions. Text selections and questions adapt to reading levels as the students progress through the programme. Weekly assignments are set with personalised instructions for students, including visual skills development for eye-tracking, reading tasks for comprehension and fluency, and vocabulary tasks. 


Information for parents, carers, and students.

Access a range of helpful resources and videos that explain more about Reading Plus and its usage at home. They can be found through the links below, including:


For more information about the programme, please visit

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