Extra-curricular opportunities develop pupils’ personal and social skills.


 Students also profit from accessing extra-curricular activities to enhance their personal development and welfare. 

Ofsted, 2019

We are committed to developing all round individuals and provide a range of enrichment opportunities for all our students. These include sports clubs, extra-curricular activities, field trips and cultural visits at home or abroad.  We believe offering these activities can enrich learning, engage our students and bring relevance across the curriculum in all years. 

Included in the many enrichment opportunities across all subjects are: 

  • UKMT Maths challenges  

  • Enquiry-based learning in science, including field trips and other educational visits 

  • Peripatetic music tuition delivered in collaboration with the LA Music Service 

  • Language visits including the opportunities to travel to France and Spain 

  • Sporting competitions against local schools 

  • Ski Trip 2020 

Students are taken off timetable for special events, such as: 

  • Diversity Day including health awareness sessions 

  • E-safety events 

  • Visits to universities, colleges and workplaces 

  • Work experience and careers events 

  • Sports Day 

  • Activities Day  

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) 

STEM subjects open up a variety of career options so it is important to bring them alive in their everyday contexts. We aim to offer a range of STEM based opportunities to our students both in and out of the classroom. Through Science, students experience masterclasses, Medicine and Dentistry taster days as well as visits from local universities. Visits to local science establishments such as The Centre for Life, Dove Marine and The Institute of Genetic Medicine also run alongside the curriculum. Furthermore, students have opportunities to participate in projects and clubs including Airgineers facilitated by Nissan, Design our Tomorrow and other STEM events through the local authority.