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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

This year’s process for awarding Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) is completely different from the Centre Assessed Grading (CAG) process used in summer 2020, with the only real similarity being a lack of externally set exams. TAGs will be determined by teachers making an objective judgement as to the standard a student is performing at now rather than their potential.

Students will only be assessed on what they have been taught, while ensuring sufficient coverage of the curriculum to enable progression to next steps. Teachers have used the time remaining in the school year to balance continued teaching with preparation for assessments.

Subjects have used a range of evidence, with no one piece of evidence determining the overall grade. We will take most of our evidence from assessments completed after Easter, as these will allow for a more robust assessment of the curriculum covered. In addition, fully and partially completed NEAs (coursework) will also be used in some subjects. This information can be found here:

GCSE Summary of evidence

A Level Summary of Evidence




















Centre Policy

We have created a Centre Policy which outlines our approach to TAGs and internal quality assurance – this document is a JCQ requirement:

Centre Policy

Please remember that we are bound by strict confidentiality and will not be able to share or give an indication of the overall grade awarded in any subject before results day.



Whilst we hope that all students will see their final results as being a true reflection of their ability, we appreciate that some young people may want to appeal the final results. If students wish to appeal a grade, please read the appeals policy and FAQs below. This appeals process applies to the Teacher Assessed Grade results issued by awarding bodies in August 2021.

Appeals Policy

Student FAQs

Stage One – Centre Review Form

Stage two – Appeal to the Awarding Organisation


Results Days

Results days will be earlier than usual - A-levels and AS-levels on 10 August and GCSEs on 12 August. On results day, students will receive an envelope containing the following:

  • Candidate statement of results

  • Overview of evidence used, and grades awarded.

  • BTEC banked units (if applicable)

  • Information on access arrangements and special consideration (if applicable)

We are currently working on a plan for both days, we will be in contact you with more information before the end of term.


Helpful Documents

Below are a series of documents, produced by Ofqual, the DfE, and the JCQ to help explain the process to students and parents: