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"This well-planned curriculum contributes strongly to pupils’ outstanding personal development and welfare"

Ofsted, 2019


Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values


Our ethos of Equality, Opportunity, Inclusion and Achievement is central to all we do and believe.  

Our aim is to support students to be:  


  • Ambitious and confident individuals 

  • Respectful kind and considerate of other  

  • Equipped with the skills to be successful in the future and to adapt to challenges and opportunities to the fast-changing world.  


Curriculum Intent


To deliver a strong academic and personal development curriculum to ensure our students are ready for the next stage of their education, training or employment.


Our Curriculum is built on the following key principles;

  • We provide an academic curriculum that is challenging, enriching and accessible for all students 

  • Our students are supported to access the demands of a challenging curriculum and the world of work by developing literacy skills and providing personalised support for those students who are not yet at expected levels.  

  • Our curriculum provides continuity and progression between the key stages, using assessment to inform learning, and not solely as a tool for summative judgement 

  • Teaching across all curriculum areas supports love for learning through creative, engaging and challenging lessons 

  • Careers education is prominent across the curriculum areas and we provide high quality, up to date and impartial careers guidance supporting our students with their future decisions 

  • Our extra-curricular programme aims to develop, enrich and extend student’s’ experiences. We cater for a wide-range of interests, from badminton to baking, languages to literature, numbers to netball, singing to science 

  • We develop responsible, respectful and resourceful students through a bespoke personal development curriculum programme that reflects our personal context as well as those locally and nationally.

Academic Curriculum

Personal Development

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