All students in years 9, 10 and 11 are expected to wear correct school uniform at all times. Students attending this school benefit from its reputation, and we expect students in turn to help maintain that reputation by high standards of behaviour and appearance, both in school and in the local community. Parents whose children are allocated places here are expected to support the school policy on uniform.


Our uniform aims to promote individuality and inclusion in line with our ethos. Students have the flexibility to make a personalised choice within specific guidelines outlined below. We believe this will help to promote our school in a positive manner in the local community.

As you know, we have really high expectations of our students and their uniform, behaviour and appearance. We appreciate your full support in ensuring your children are ready and prepared to learn during the school day.


Uniform as of September 2020

TROUSERS: Plain black (can be black jeans, but NOT tracksuit bottoms or leggings)

SKIRT: Plain black of suitable length with leggings or tights

POLO SHIRT: A choice of five colours: black, blue, purple, pink or green (with school logo)


SWEATSHIRT: black school jumper (with school logo)

SHOES/BOOTS: Plain black sensible shoes, or plain BLACK trainers (with NO other colours or logos).



  • Red Polo shirt (with school logo)

  • Trainers/Football boots

  • Red or black football socks

  • Black shorts or sports leggings

  • Plain black bottoms appropriate for physical activity


Students are expected to bring P.E kit to every lesson regardless of illness or injury as they will undertake other appropriate roles within the lesson.

Students should wear minimal jewellery. Ears may be pierced but this should be restricted to a single pair of piercings fitted with stud type earrings. Other body piercings are not recommended and should be removed for any activity which may impact on the safety of the student.


Headscarves are permitted.


Students should be equipped and ready to learn at the start of the lesson, therefore outdoor coats should be removed when entering the classroom to provide a positive start to the lesson.

Uniform can be purchased online from the following supplier

Please contact your child’s Head of Year if you require additional support in relation to compliance with the uniform policy.


School Uniform can be ordered online from:

Here is a downloadable order form: Order Form

Queries please email: or call Michael 07799430078