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Headteacher welcome continued

We hope this provides you with the information you will need to help you and your child prepare for September. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by a lot of new information but we will do everything we can to support your child to make the transition to our school a happy one.


Students will spend the first few days of term in September on an induction programme, learning about our expectations and routines, and our RESPECT values. I am sure that you have high expectations of your children, and we have too. We will constantly be explaining and modelling our key messages: working hard, trying your best, understanding how to learn new knowledge, showing respect, and demonstrating very high standards of behaviour and good manners.


About MHS

We are a happy school; our students enjoy their learning and staff enjoy working with them. Our success is built on the foundation of strong relationships and an ethos of support that underpins all that we do: Equality, Opportunity, Inclusion and Achievement. Individuals are encouraged to thrive, and ambition and aspiration are developed alongside self-confidence and positive self-esteem. We believe it is important to develop confident and considerate individuals who are aware of their role within the wider community and beyond. A community of young people who are respectful and considerate of others irrespective of background, culture or viewpoint.

Our aim is for students to leave our school as caring and compassionate young adults with a range of interests, and the skills needed to adapt to the opportunities and challenges of the fast-changing world. We want them to make their mark in the world with the knowledge, skills and confidence they have learned here; to champion fairness, build friendships for life, and have pride in our school. Above all, we want our students to be happy.

Our school promotes academic excellence and embraces the shared values of honesty, integrity, respect and compassion. We want our students to be ambitious, kind, resilient and hardworking, and have a genuine passion for learning.

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