Key Stage 4

At Monkseaton High School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires students to learn. A wide variety of teaching and learning strategies are used to engage all students in lessons and help promote independent learning. There is a particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy across the curriculum and the use of ICT in all subjects is used as a tool for effective learning. The curriculum has been designed to ensure it caters for the individual needs of all our students as well as being tailored for each individual year group. This is reflected in the progress and attainment of our students which we are incredibly proud of. This is testimony to the hard work of staff, students and parents, confirming that the curriculum that student’s access is suitable for our school community.

Homework is set regularly and is used to encourage students to extend their knowledge and understanding outside of the classroom. Students are assessed regularly in every subject and a Progress Report is collated and sent home at the end of every term throughout the year.

We believe our curriculum provides an appropriate balance between ‘traditional academic’ subjects and vocational pathways to meet the needs of individual students. We firmly believe that students will be successful if they access the right course based on their interest and abilities; and are committed to personalised learning pathways to enable all our young people to achieve. All students study GCSE English and Maths and extra support or intervention is provided in these subjects when required. Science is compulsory and is worth the equivalent to 2 GCSESs. All students study GCSE English Literature as part of their English course. PE is compulsory for all.


*The tables below reflect the fortnightly coverage of each subject area.














The following courses are currently offered as options, though the curriculum offer is reviewed annually and amended to suit the needs of the cohort and individuals: GCSE: Art, Business Studies, Catering, French, Geography, History, ICT, Media Studies, Music, Photography, PE, Design and Technology, Spanish, and Textiles. BTEC Health and Social Care.

At the end of Year 10 students access a one week work experience program. Work Experience is an important part of the school curriculum, it helps students to learn more about the world of work and explore possible future careers. Students undertake extra responsibility that will encourage greater independence in their learning and way of life. They are challenged to develop aspects in their skill set such as initiative, resilience and time management outside of their comfort zone. It also allows them to explore potential career paths as well appreciate the working world in modern Britain.


During Year 11 members of the Senior Leadership and Pastoral team provide information and guidance at a number of set points to determine the potential option pathways post 16. These meetings serve as one to one to allow us to provide students with advice and guidance to enable them to choose the correct pathway beyond KS4. This gives students an opportunity to explore options and also a level of responsibility in the shaping and design of their future journey with appropriate support and guidance 6th Form taster days are also offered to students so that we support them in choosing the right pathway. This process is supported by our in house Connexions officer who provides advice and guidance for a broad range of further education and career pathways, ensuring all students receive accurate and impartial advice that is relevant and appropriate to them.







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