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Key Stage 4

We believe our curriculum provides an appropriate balance between ‘traditional academic’ subjects and vocational pathways to meet the needs of individual students. We firmly believe that students will be successful if they access the right course based on their interest and abilities; and are committed to personalised learning pathways to enable all our young people to achieve. All students study GCSE English Language/Literature and Maths. Extra support or intervention is provided in these subjects when required. Science is compulsory and is worth the equivalent to two GCSESs. PE is compulsory for all.

The table below reflects the fortnightly coverage of each subject area.

             English     Maths     Science      P.E      Per. Development    Option Subjects

Periods        8            8            10          3                 1                       5


We have split our curriculum into ‘pathways’. These pathways are designed so that students are steered towards subjects where they will have the best chance of success leading to rewarding and fulfilling careers based on successful outcomes.

Students will choose 3 or 4 options from one of the three pathways — Opportunity, Equality and Inclusion as well as indicating a reserve choice.

Opportunity students follow an EBACC route designed to fulfil all criteria of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) performance measure (all buckets of the Progress 8 Measure). Further details of the EBacc route can be found here.  

Equality students follow a route designed to fulfil all buckets of the Progress 8 performance measure but cannot achieve the Ebacc measure as they do not study a foreign language.

Inclusion students follow a route designed to fulfil the Progress 8 performance measure. These students also access a personalised curriculum to support the skills required to be successful in GCSE English and maths.

The following courses are currently offered as options, though the curriculum offer is reviewed annually and amended to suit the needs of the cohort and individuals:


Academic                     Vocational

Art                               Health and Social Care

Business Studies             Hospitality

Design Technology         iMedia (ICT)

Geography                   Music         


Media Studies               




View our Key Stage 4 Prospectus by clicking the PDF icon.

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