Key Stage 3

Year 9 (KS3) is a foundation year that bridges the KS3 national curriculum in feeder middle schools with preparing students for GCSE courses. All year 9 students study the National Curriculum subjects, which are: English, Maths, Science, MFL (French and Spanish), Technology, ICT and computer science, Art, History, Geography, PE, Music and I Learning (which includes elements of RE and Citizenship and British Values).


We work closely with middle schools to develop a cohesive KS3 programme, however, as we take from more than the 3 main middle schools, it is sometimes the case that students have not always followed the same KS3 curriculum. All students study two languages - we believe that it is important for our students to experience this and are not hindered by what they have studied in their previous school.

Our ultimate goal is to develop them into confident and successful learners both by developing their attitude to learning and learning habits alongside their knowledge and thinking skills enabling them to succeed in their exams.

*The tables below reflect the fortnightly coverage of each subject area.

Core        English     Maths     Science     P.E     I learning

Periods        8            8              6           4          2

MFL/Humanities     MFL      History      Geography

Periods                  4              4                   4

Other         Art      Hospitality      ICT      Music      Technology

Periods          2               1                    2            2                    1

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