Key Stage 3

At Monkseaton High School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires students to learn. A wide variety of teaching and learning strategies are used to engage all students in lessons and help promote independent learning. We operate a 2-week timetable with 48 lessons per fortnight to maximise the curriculum time within each subject area. There is a particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy across the curriculum and the use of ICT in all subjects is used as a tool for effective learning. The curriculum has been designed to ensure it caters for the individual needs of all our students as well as being tailored for each individual year group. This is reflected in the progress and attainment of our students which we are incredibly proud of. This is testimony to the hard work of staff, students and parents, confirming that the curriculum that student’s access is suitable for our school community.


Homework is set regularly and is used to encourage students to extend their knowledge and understanding outside of the classroom. Students are assessed regularly in every subject and a Progress Report is collated and sent home at the end of every term throughout the year.


Students at Monkseaton High School study a wide and varied curriculum during Y9, which is viewed upon as a foundation year, and aims to ensure our pupils are prepared for their GCSE courses. Our ultimate goal is to develop them into confident and successful learners both by developing their attitude to learning and learning habits alongside their knowledge and thinking skills enabling them to succeed in their exams.

All students study the National Curriculum subjects, which are: English, Maths, Science, ML (French or Spanish), Technology, ICT, Art, History, Geography, PE, Music and I Learning (which includes elements of RE and Citizenship). Students also access projects in Health and Social Care, Enterprise, Hospitality, Performance Arts and Media at different stages in Y9, of which will support them in their GCSE option choices.


*The tables below reflect the fortnightly coverage of each subject area.






























The transition process is a major strength at Monkseaton High School and continues to have a direct impact on student’s learning and progress. Further individual work has taken place with our 3 main feeder middle schools to identify and provide early intervention and support for some of the most vulnerable learners. A range of different transition activities is offered to middle schools and ensures that we are in contact with as many potential students a possible as well as providing a safe and secure introduction to life in high school. SEND and G&T middle school students experience a range of visits in particular targeting vulnerable and hard to reach students and families.


All year groups have an extended tutorial period where PSHE education is accessed. Students build upon previous study to continue to acquire knowledge and understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. PSHE helps our students develop the qualities and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. The core themes of our PSHE program are:

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Living in the Wider World

  • Relationships



PSHE content is supported by work in subject areas, assemblies and enhanced by school partners such as the School Health Nurse and the local CAMHS team.

The Senior Leadership Team as well as Pastoral Raising Achievement Leaders (PRALS) interview each student during year 9 to gauge the potential option pathways and subjects that may be popular. These meetings also serve as one to one to enable us to provide students with advice and guidance to enable them to choose the correct pathway for their 5 year journey with us. This gives students an opportunity to explore options and also a level of responsibility in the shaping and design of their own curriculum with appropriate support and guidance. All parents are invited to a KS4 options evening where they can receive more information about the options process as well as speak to members of the leadership team about possible pathways for their child. In some cases additional meetings with parents and students are required to support the process and ensure parents and carers have a full understanding of the potential pathways and outcomes for their children. The entire process is supported by our in house Connexions officer who provides advice and guidance, ensuring all students receive accurate and impartial advice that is relevant and appropriate to them.






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