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Key Stage 5

Term One

Term Two

Term Three

Year One Half Term One
- Methods
- Policy and social class (external factors)

Year Two Half Term One
- Beliefs – Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Conservative force Vs Force for Change
- Crime and deviance – theories (functionalism)

Year One Half Term Three
- Families – Theories of the Family (Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism)
- Ethnicity

Year Two Half Term Three
- Beliefs – Groups and Beliefs, Ideology and Science
- Social class and gender factors in crime and deviance

Year One Half Term Five
- Revision
- Educational theories (functionalism, Marxism etc.)

Year Two Half Term Five
- Exam preparation and revision

Year One Half Term Two
- Families – definitions, changes over the last 100 years
- Social class (internal factors) and ethnicity

Year Two Half Term Two
- Beliefs – Secularisation? Global, Typification
- Theories (Marxism, neo Marxism, labelling, left realism, right realism, postmodernism)

Year One Half Term Four
- Families – Childhood, divorce, parenting, demography, policy
- Gender

Year Two Half Term Four
- Theory & Methods – All
- Ethnicity factors in crime and deviance, globalisation and media

Year One Half Term Six
- Beliefs (introduction and basic knowledge of Beliefs including definitions)
- Methods in context

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