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Key Stage 3

Term One

Term Two

Term Three

Half Term One
- MHS System
- Baseline Assessment – Yacapaca
- Using the MHS System – classcharts, Teams, email
- eSafety & Cyber Security
- eSafety – anonymity, cyber-bullying, peer pressure, social media, explicit images and text, fake news and bias

Half Term Three
- Computing Systems
Takes students through the different layers of computing systems: from programs and the operating system, to the physical components that store and execute these programs, to the fundamental binary building blocks that these components consist of. The aim is to provide a concise overview of how computing systems operate, conveying the essentials and abstracting away the technical details that might confuse or put off learners.

Half Term Five
- Python programming with sequences of data
This unit introduces learners to how data can be represented and processed in sequences, such as lists and strings. The lessons cover a spectrum of operations on sequences of data, that range from accessing an individual element to manipulating the entire sequence.

Half Term Two
- eSafety & Cyber Security (cont - 2)
- copyright and plagiarism, scams, computer safety (malware etc)
- Data Science
Learners will be introduced to data science, and they will be empowered by knowing how to use data to investigate problems and make changes to the world around them. Learners will be exposed to both global and local data sets and gain an understanding of how visualising data can help with the process of identifying patterns and trends.

Half Term Four
- Introduction to Python Programming
The lessons form a journey that starts with simple programs involving input and output, and gradually moves on through arithmetic operations, randomness, selection, and iteration. Emphasis is placed on tackling common misconceptions and clarifying the mechanics of program execution.

Half Term Six
- Media – Animations
Sessions will take learners through the basics of modelling, texturing, and animating; outputs will include 3D models, short videos, and VR. Links are made throughout to computer science, computational thinking, and the world of work.

Key Stage 4

Term One

Term Two

Term Three

Year Two Half Term One
- Robust Programs
- Python Skills Recap

Year Two Half Term Three
- Network Security
- Systems Software

Year Two Half Term Five
- Revision

Year Two Half Term Two
- Programming Project – Python.
- Boolean Logic
- Languages and IDEs

Year Two Half Term Four
- Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Impact
- Revision

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